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    Welcome to visit Maxal website! 

    We are the specialised manufacturer of Heavy-Duty Leverset, Tubular Leverset, Cylindrical Leverset, Cylindrical knobset, Deadbolt, Handleset, Mortise Lock and the other Hardwares products for over 10 years.

    We do 100% export business. Most of our products were certifcated by ISO9001, ANSI Grade3, BHMA.Now,we are in the process of applying for the CE and UL certificate.

    Because of our higher quality and better price, our products got the highly appreciate from most of our customers from all over the world.

    Our final aim is customers' 100% satisfaction. And we alway struggle for it.

    If have any query or interest, please contact us without hesitation.



    Reliable Lock,Optimal choice

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    Tel : 86-760-22581786

    Fax: 86-760-22558197
    Email : sales@maxallock.com
    Address : 1 Building North Guangle Road 
    LianfengIndustrial District Xiaolan,Zhongshan 
    Guangdong China 
    Postcode: 528425

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